Voor Groenberg Services

We provide the following services:

  1. Soil surveys to determine the suitability of land for the establishment of a vineyard.
  2. Farm planning (rootstock suitability, soil preparation, cultivar recommendations, block design, etc).
  3. Information regarding the performance of clones for specific regions and sites.
  4. Viticultural consulting.
  5. Follow-up service after establishment of new plantings.
  6. Regular field days for clients sharing new and up to date information regarding new varieties, rootstocks, market trends, etc.
  7. Managing certain breeding programs as well as producer contracts with the table grape producers.

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Contact Johan Wiese or Andrew Teubes:

Tel 021 864 1018 Fax 021 864 3689 e-mail vgroenberg@vgb.co.za www.vgnurseries.co.za